Jamie’s progress


This was an extremely stressful year defending Jamie’s education. Under DoE guidelines, we had exercised our parental preference to change Jamie’s school to one which would give him the legally-required small class size for another 4 years, as well as a nurturing environment for his gift of music. The LAs response was to launch an unprecedented attack on our choice, consisting of untruths, misrepresentation of costs and a cynical attempt to dump him into a failing school to save money. This was the Mother of all Legal Battles.

Jamie of course was blissfully unaware of this, and continued to make excellent progress as can be seen in the horse-riding video above. He is clearly forming a great relationship with the pony Maisy, able to trot without any problems and even bordering on a canter. Horse-riding has been a great activity for Jamie.

January:     Second autonomic test shows that neuronal misfiring still prevalent

                    despite pregabelin. Anti-fungal drug itraconazole introduced as

                    cause believed to be aspergillus infection in sinuses.

February:    Jamie sets up his own email account on an iMac using Apple Mail!

                     Tribunal ruling threatens to take away Jamie’s education, but mis-

                     representation of the costs gives grounds for appeal to save it.

March:        Microbial urine test confirms metabolites from fungal infections.

April:         Huge improvement in autonomic function thanks to pregabelin and

                    anti-fungal treatments tea tree oil, goldenseal and itraconazole.

May:            Performs at the the Music for Autism concert at Dorchester Abbey

                     near Oxford. The famous blind pianist, Derek Paravicini, also

                     performed that same evening.

                     Takes double-bass grade 4 exam, asking the examiner before he

                     begins: “Please can I have a distinction”!

June:           The requested double-bass grade 4 Distinction duly arrives!

                    Victory in the Mother of All Legal Battles as dirty tricks

                    (dirty tricks.pdf) from LA lawyers result in them being barred

                    (barred.pdf ) from presenting evidence.

July:            Fantastic end-of-term report showing amazing progress in Maths

                    95% (median was 63%), Science (91%, median 74%) and English

                    (85%, median 62%) in particular. Wins school music prize.

                    Great participation in Sports Day, taking part in the full school

                    relay and 200m without problems.

                    Passes Grade 6 jazz piano with Merit.

August:    Superb day at Olympics, saw Mo Farah who Jamie cheered on each

                  time he came around the bend. See photos.

                  Fantastic holiday in Northumbria: Bamborough Castle, Hadrian’s

                  Wall, Durham and Holy Island: more photos.

September:    Elected secretary of school council for new school term.

                        Resonance testing by Homotoxicologist reveals presence of

                        multiple infections: toxoplasmosis, shingles, herpes and mumps

                        as well as as aspergillus. Started new course of itraconazole for

                        longer period to cure persistent aspergillus infection.

October:    Really successful half-term at school with total acceptance by peers.

                    Gets his very own iPad as birthday present.

                    Starts to play card games such as Hearts, Rummy and Old Maid.

November: Auditions for Guildhall Music school at the Barbican.

                     Completes course of “Sporanox” (liquid itraconazole) with

                      resulting dramatic improvement in calm and concentration.

December: Takes Grade 4 organ exam and passes with Merit.

                     Superb family holiday in Cape Town, South Africa where Jamie

                     climbed Table Mountain, did Body Boarding in the sea and had a

                     superb time over Christmas! See photo album.


Horse Riding, Squirrels Stables, Essex

Sunday, 29 January 2012