Jamie’s future


You can make a difference

Your money will still do good

We have spent a multiple 6-figure sum on Jamie’s behavioural therapies and biomedical treatment, lawyers to secure these, music lessons, exams and instruments. We will always be grateful for all your donations over the years, which have made a big difference.

An improved financial situation means we can do without donations for the foreseeable future. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges, and shone a spotlight on China, which was responsible for it. The rise of authoritarianism in that country has in turn threatened the freedom of the people of Hong Hong, who are struggling to make their voices heard amongst all the press noise about COVID, Brexit and plummeting stock markets.

We have therefore decided, until further notice, to transfer net donations to the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. The funds will go to the Hong Kong Free Press to help it continue to tell the truth about coronavirus and Chinese repression.

If freedom is taken away in Hong Kong, Taiwan would be next. Then other in China’s orbit such as Korea and Australia. Then Europe, then America. History has shown that if totalitarianism is not stopped in its tracks, it spreads to take away liberties that took centuries to win. Please help to stem the tide of repression in Hong Kong before it reaches us.

FREE MASK - Limited time only

It has been shown in Taiwan that the use of face masks in public greatly reduces the rate of COVID transmission. We have therefore procured 100 masks in order to give them away FREE to the next 100 UK donors who give over £5. They are high-quality medical face masks:

  1.   Protect against droplets from sneezing and coughing

  2.   Ideal as “face coverings” on UK public transport

  3. 100% Cotton

  4. Fully washable and re-useable


With your help, Jamie has started to acquire the independence to know how it feels to be free. Even a small contribution can help the people of Hong Kong retain their freedom. In doing so, they help to defend ours.

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free, by Billy Taylor