Nutritional Supplements


The evidence is clear: 21 out of 22 studies have shown that a large sub-group (45%) of children improve markedly when given high doses of vitamin B6 (see . The mechanism behind this is that in an ASD child, the B6 from a normal diet is not being correctly metabolised and so high doses are needed. The effect can also be measured by a urine test: ASD children typically have excess kynurenic acid, a tryptophan metabolite requiring vitamin B6 for its further metabolism. Elevated kynurenic acid indicates a functional vitamin B6 deficiency which can be corrected by giving high-dose B6 together with magnesium. As well as normalising the urine test result, this frequently results in improved behaviour and reduction of  symptoms.


Note that compared to drugs, vitamins are an extremely safe treatment. Drugs such as Ritalin, often prescribed for children with behavioural problems, work by blocking the body’s normal functioning so as to sedate the child. This is a very dangerous approach with many, often unpredictable side-effects. By contrast, vitamins facilitate the body’s normal functioning and are thus far safer as well as far more effective in the treatment of autism.


There are many supplements that have been found to be effective in various sub-groups of  children such as vitamin C, cod liver oil, zinc and others. It is important that the supplements are pure and do not contain gluten, casein, or certain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame - otherwise the benefits of the GF-CF diet are lost. An excellent range of pure supplements is manufactured in the UK by Biocare and can be purchased from Your Nutrition Shop. A long-time leader in this field is Kirkman Laboratories of the USA, while Humet-R from Hungary provides a good balance of minerals as well as having heavy-metal detoxification properties.

Supplementation by injection is also possible. For example, injecting an activated form of vitamin B12 into fatty areas of the body, where it can be stored and released gradually over several days, can help to re-activate the methylation cycle in spite of the presence of toxic metals. The injections are known as “methyl B12” and are cheap and straightforward to administer by the parents themselves. The leading authority on methyl B12 is Dr. Neubrander, whose website describes the details together with video evidence. This may well be because heavy metal toxicity has many symptoms similar to vitamin B12 deficiency, this is reported from numerous sources such as the MELISA Society.