EMF Shielding


Research from Switzerland indicates that pathogenic moulds grow 600 times faster in the present of ambient electromagnetic fields than do those in a Faraday cage (Explore Sep 2009, p. 2, Adding EMF and GMO to the Equation). Children with autism usually have an excess of such moulds, for example candida albicans, which produce potent neurotoxins such as arabinose. Such toxins compete with mercury, lead and other heavy metals for the body’s de-toxification pathways, stunting the body’s ability to remove said metals. The immune systems and detoxification pathways of children with autism are already under severe stress, so eliminating the compounding effect of EMFs can only be positive. Screening out EMFs reduces the growth of pathogenic moulds, allowing the body to better excrete other toxins.

There is mounting evidence that “electrosmog” from Wi-Fi, mobile phone masts and cordless phones is causing long-term harm to a vulnerable subgroup of the population. The damage takes place over a long period and there are other factors, so it is difficult to pin the blame on solely on EMFs at this time. However it must be borne in mind that atomic radiation was thought to be harmless because it could not be seen, heard or smelt. Its discoverer, Marie Curie, died of a condition known as aplastic anemia brought upon by prolonged exposure to radiation.

Whilst we cannot escape EMFs in our modern world during the daytime, it is possible to greatly reduce them in the home. Replacing Wi-Fi with powerline modems, not using cellular phones at home, eliminating cordless phones and the microwave oven greatly reduces exposure to RF energy in the 900MHz, 1,8GHz, 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz bands. At night, neighbours’ Wi-Fi and phone mast emissions can be screened out by sleeping under a silver-plated mosquito net which acts as a Faraday Cage. Since the body carries out most of its de-toxification at night, this would seem a sensible precaution. Suitable products are available from EMFields, with low-tech alternatives being to stick aluminium tape over a roller-blind or merely to switch the Wi-Fi off at night with the added bonus of energy saving.