Auntie Jeanne’S 2005 Bike ride

In July 2005, Jamie’s Auntie Jeanne rode the entire length of the RIver Rhine to raise money for Jamie’s ABA therapy. It was an extraordinary success, raising £11,183 (Over €16k at the July 2005 exchange rate). This was enough to fund several months of ABA, helping to bridge the gap to state funding to complete the programme.


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Stage 1 – Andermatt to Basle (Switzerland) 

Stage 2 – Basle (Switzerland) to Mainz (Germany)

Stage 3 – Mainz (Germany) to Rotterdam (Netherlands)


This even took place in the days before 3G smartphones, Facebook and blogging. The Bike Ride Diary was therefore recorded on a 1.3Mpixel camera-phone running WIndows Mobile, which was state-of-the-art at the time. The pictures and diary were sent to the UK by Jeanne over a 2.5G wireless link, and a website was updated with these daily. After staying on the internet for nearly 7 years, it was finally re-formatted with more modern tools and incorporated into this website, created in 2012.

This logo was drawn by Jeanne and used in the original website, still available here.