Jamie’s progress


January:   Passes Thetford Grammar School entrance exam and gets place!


February:     Wins heat of the West Suffolk Young Jazz Musician

March:      Wins house music festival at Moreton Hall

                   Jamie on Soundcloud with his composition Crested Lark


April:       Cycling really good now, almost as fast as Dad

                  Enjoying going to Mass regularly and able to cycle to church

May:         Local Authority rejects Thetford Grammar and tries to dump Jamie

                   into a failing school instead 

                   Jamie gets 88% in Mock GSCE Music exam                  

June:          First Holy Communion at OLEM in Cambridge

                   Takes and passes grueling Common Entrance 13+ exams

July:          Passes GCSE Music with grade A, three years early.

                   West Suffolk Jazz Musician Final, does not win but plays really well

                   Grade 7 Double Bass Exam

August:    Fantastic holiday in Orkney for second year running.

                  Local Authority accepts Thetford Grammar, on cost grounds.                   

September:   Starts at Thetford Grammar School and is an instant hit

October:       Tree of Life homeopathy testing shows infections greatly reduced.

                      Aspergillus still present, treatments given.

                      Completed Royal College of Organists (RCO) organ course in

                      Bristol for second year running.

November:    Achieves 100% in French writing exam!

                        Other results: Maths 75%, German 97%, Biology 95%...even

                        English writing at 56%


December:    Superb holiday in Gran Canaria for Christmas.                       


Beethoven performance at Grand Arcade, Cambridge

Saturday, 13 June 2015