Jamie’s progress


This year saw stellar progress in music, with grade 7 piano and grade 5 double bass and organ being achieved. Admission to Junior Trinity at the prestigious Trinity Laban school of music in Greenwich took place in September, with great results.

Jamie has also done extremely well at school as the results below show. Biomedical treatment has taken a bit of a back seat due to lack of funds and new discoveries, and the cause of the abnormal autonomic tests remains elusive.

January:     Begins homeopathic treatment for viruses: immediate effect is a

                    huge poo of undigested food.

February:   Physical progress on homeopathic treatment such as reduced

                    facial contortions

                    School teaching assistant reports greater calmness and


March:       Blood test reveals high antibodies against Epstein-Barr and

                    aspergillis: valacyclovir and more itraconazole prescribed

April:         Repeat homeopathic testing indicates improved immunity, new set

                    of remedies started.

                    Starts watching Michael Portillo’s “Great British Railway Journeys”:

                    enables Jamie to appreciate history through interest in trains

May:           Misses the Music for Autism concert with prolonged lung infection

                    Another excellent end-of-year report showing sustained

                    achievement all academic subjects, especially French

                    95%, Latin (95%) and amazingly RE (90%).                    

June:           Offer of entry to Trinity Laban received.

                    Wins Oakham award for potential at school prize-giving as a result.

July:            Passes Grade 7 piano with Distinction, Grade 5 double Bass with

                    Distinction and Grade 5 Organ with Merit!

                    Goes on excellent holiday to Orkney with Mum as reward.

August:    Fantastic holiday in Northumbria for the second year running

                  Portillo-inspired railway journeys to Bournville and Coventry to

                  Watford, including dairy-free Cadbury treats and Aylesbury duck

September:    Fantastic beginning at Junior Trinity, quickly moving to

                         unassisted lessons for double bass and grade 8 piano

                         Composes lovely sea shanty for Dad’s 5th birthday in Whitstable

                         Acupuncture makes Jamie sleep longer and calms him

October:       Another birthday, now 12 years old, quiet party with friends

                       Homeopathy ends as homeopath moves away

November:    Uses 75x telescope birthday present for birds and stars

                        Getting rather good at games with element of chance and

                        judgement such as Monopoly and card games

December:    Sleepover of school friend Harry a great success

                       Performs in lunchtime concert at Trinity on double bass

                       Christmas in Majorca! See photo gallery.



Swing Park, Therfield, Herts.

Sunday, 2 June 2013