Jamie’s progress


Jamie had a great time at the Town & Country show as this video shows. His car racing skills are somewhat behind the younger girl on the track, but the fact that he can get around the course at all, and is motivated to do so, is an amazing achievement for a boy who had so many deficits.

Here is how the year went overall:

March:    Starts learning jazz piano to widen musical repertoire

                Passes Grade 2 Theory of Music exam with Merit

April:     Able to climb tallest climbing frame at a swing park near his

                grandparents, previously unthinkable with this motor planning


June:       McTimoney chiropractic treatment identifies musculo-skeletal

                defects,these are treated with consequent improvements in walking

                and balance

                Starts “Body Talk” therapy to stimulate neuronal pathways damaged

                by toxins and other environmental assaults

July:        Cycling skills improve suddenly, now able to cycle much more slowly

                without overbalancing and complete a 3-mile loop on public cycle

                paths and some gravel terrain without any danger

August:    First family walking holiday in Peak District: Jamie able to walk in

                  hills for 3 hours without any problems, negotiating some difficult

                  terrain and showing great stamina

September:    Visits Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff and has a great time!

                         Begins Year 4 at Dame Bradbury’s school

October:    Starts to ride ponies at Squirral’s Stables in Essex

November:    Completes Grade 2 Jazz Piano Examination with Merit and also

                        Grade 4 Music Theory Examination, again with Merit


Town & Country Show, Parker’s Piece, Cambridge

Sunday, 13 June 2010