jamie’s progress


This year began well with Jamie able to help us take down the decorations. Progress was good throughout the rest of the year:

January:    Chronic infection of Human Herpes Virus 6 brought under control

                   by acyclovir drug – some herpes lesions, never previously apparent,

                   briefly appear on body during treatment

February:   Learned to ride bicycle without stabilisers, though poor

                    peripheral vision confined Jamie to off-road riding for safety


                    Performed Short Story at the British Suzuki Institute concert at the

                    South Bank Centre, London

April:         Started taking new supplement OSR (Oxidative Stress Relief);

                    immediate reduction in arm-flapping and prolonged sleep in the


May:          Took all Year 2 SATS tests alongside neurotypical peers and scored

                    above average across all subjects

                    Started learning to play the double-bass

July:            Potty-trained overnight – no more nappies!

August:      Better-than-ever participation at Peak Suzuki with minimal

                    supervision during performances, and impromptu performance of


                    Started learning to play the organ at local church, St Mary & St

                    Michael of Trumpington, near Cambridge

September:    Begins Year 3 at Dame Bradbury’s school, still full-time

October:    Bed canopy installed to screen out “electrosmog” overnight –

                    temporary reversal of overnight potty-training implying accelerated


                    Progresses to level 2 in the RDI program

November:    Enjoys garden fireworks for the third year running

                        Starts going to regular Saturday screenings of age-appropriate

                        children’s films at the “Kid’s Club” at the Cambridge Arts

                        Picturehouse Cinema – thoroughly enjoys films, understands the

                        stories and does not disrupt other viewers

December:    Started The Scotson Technique to repair damage to nerve centres

                        and muscles responsible for breathing. Immediate increase in

                        hours slept, together with temporary side-effects such as profuse

                        sweating upon falling asleep

Taking down the Christmas Tree

Monday, 5 January 2009