Jamie’s Progress


Here is Jamie with his first-ever public performance at the annual event for students of the Suzuki method in Cambridge. He is assisted by one of his ABA tutors, who is also a Cambridge music graduate.

This is how 2007 turned out:

January:    Reception hours increased to 21 (three full days per week) following

                   massive gains in speech and social interaction

February:  Able to cycle comfortably on “tag-along” attachment on adult


March:       First public performance on piano at Newnham College, Cambridge

April:          School attendance increased to 3.5 days per week

May:           First ever flight and holiday in France: went to Nice without fear of

                    flying, no problems with aircraft engine noise

July:            Participated in annual “Peak Suzuki” music workshop in the Peak


August:      Vision Therapy started: eye tracking exercises followed by

                    disruptive prism lenses

September:   Started Year 1 in mainstream school at 4 days per week with

                       ABA shadow

October:    ATEC score steady at 32: despite deficits, progress since Dec 2006

                    has been at an equivalent rate to a neurotypical child

November:    Prescribed glasses with directive base-up prism lenses:

                        immediate improvement in spatial awareness and ball games

                       Able to use computer and age-appropriate software such as

                        “Education City”

December:    Urine “Organic Acid Test” shows gut pathogens now under

                        control, sulphur metabolism and glutathione synthesis in normal


Newnham College, Cambridge

Sunday, 18 March 2007