Jamie’s Progress


This clip shows Jamie and his mum having a nice chat during our 2006 summer holiday in Norfolk. In the historic ruins of Binham Priory, it can be seen that Jamie’s interaction and speech have significantly improved.

This was the year that Jamie started to learn to play the piano. This is how the year unfolded:

January:    Methyl-B12 injections started

                   Nursery hours increased to 13 per week, including one full day for

                   the first time

April:        Three weeks of daily hyperbaric oxygen therapy

June:          From previous huge sensory deficits, learned to ride bike with


July:           TD-DMPS replaced by the more potent oral DMSA with immediate


August:      From meaningless scribbles, drawing suddenly becomes age-


                    ATEC score down to 36

September:      Entered mainstream reception class at 17 hours per week

                           Hyperbaric oxygen resumed, this time on a once-weekly basis

October:       Started piano lessons using Suzuki method

November:  Toilet intervals now age-appropriate, less prompting required

                      Able to hold pencil and form characters to an age-appropriate


December:    ATEC score down to 31

                        Played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on piano in school play


Thursday, 20 July 2006