Jamie’s Progress


This video shows the second ABA workshop by UKyap, just a few months after the first in February. That had been a challenge as it was the first time constraints had been put on him, but we see that now he starts to acquire basic skills for the first time.

The GF-CF diet had been started prior to ABA, and Jamie undoubtedly got more out of it as a result. This is what happened throughout the year:

January:        GF-CF diet, vitamin & mineral supplementation started

February:      Attending pre-school only 4 hours per week

                       ABA program started, ATEC score=72†, IQ=82‡

April:             Laboratory tests reveal gastrointestinal overgrowth of clostridia

                        and candida, Vitamin B6 and other deficiencies, lead & mercury


June:              Toilet trained (with frequent, prompted visits)

July:               ATEC score down to 44 after only a few months of ABA

August:         Detoxification treatment started with TD-DMPS and Humet-R

September:   Started mainstream nursery school at 9 hours per week with ABA


December:     IQ up to 122 – Jamie’s true potential

ABA Workshop

Monday, 14 February 2005